Jeff Falberg's 1996 Race Results

1996 was a turnaround year in my running career. Having been disappointed with my slower times from recent previous years and how I looked in the mirror, I made a determined effort that I was going to lose weight by following a diet and performing abdominal crunches on a regular basis. The original incentive was to get in shape in time for my sister's wedding in San Diego, CA.

What resulted in 1996 was an almost 40-pound weight loss, a great race in the Fairfield Half-Marathon, a couple of top ten finishes in the Westport Summer Series, a memorable AFC Half-Marathon performance in San Diego, CA, and a first place overall win in a one-mile race in Bridgeport, CT with my fastest one-mile time of 4:57. This had spawned a new level of enthusiasm in my running that had been missing for what seemed like ages. 1996 was also the year I purchased a Pentium computer and chose America Online (disappointed at first with the frequent busy signals) as my internet service provider.

Date/Event/Location Place Time
09/29/96 - Bigelow Tea Community 5K Road Race, Fairfield, CT 52 18:32
09/07/96 - Stratfield Fun Run, 1M, Bridgeport, CT 1 4:57PR
08/25/96 - America's Finest City Half Marathon, San Diego, CA
08/25/96 - Pictures from the AFC 1/2 Marathon at the finish
287 1:29:26
08/17/96 - Westport Summer Series 8.4M, Westport, CT 7 56:23
08/10/96 - Westport Summer Series 6.85M, Westport, CT 4 44:13
08/03/96 - Westport Summer Series 5.9M, Westport, CT 13 37:46
07/27/96 - Westport Summer Series 4.75M, Westport, CT 12 29:41
07/20/96 - Westport Summer Series 4.1M, Westport, CT 19 26:28
07/06/96 - Westport Summer Series 3.1M, Westport, CT 19 19:13
06/23/96 - SNET Fairfield Half Marathon, Fairfield, CT 270 1:31:13

Jeff Falberg in 1996 Fairfield Half-Marathon
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